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Alice Booth - Division 1 Councillor

Being Councilor for Wheatland County and Division 1 for nine years has been rewarding in many ways.  Wheatland County has 2,700 km of roads and 8300 residents. Within Wheatland County, there has been quite a change with Economic Diversification. The Paterson Grain terminal has benefitted the farmers across the County. Other businesses that are providing much needed employment are the Co-op tank farm in the Carseland area, along with Stella-Jones Canada Inc., Cargile and other new ventures that are in the works. The new high tech seed cleaning plant on Highway 21 and one in Hussar, seed growers, intensive cattle and hog operations, tree farms, with the wind farm in the Dalen area and the West Wheatland industrial park. Along with many very talented individuals that have their own small businesses that make up a larger Economic base.   Oil and Gas industries are mixed into the farming and ranching community that is the back bone of the County.

Wheatland County is working towards innovation on other projects such SAEWA waste to energy, floating Islands to make waste water clearer before releasing into the river. This provides reusable water instead of waste water with two project working through the approval stage and the drinking water project to supply Gleichen, Rockyford, Standard and Hussar.  A new school is being built South of Standard by Highway 561.The road infrastructure has to be well maintained and the road & paving program upgraded each year. Highway 842 continues to be a priority to be built  as this in important to the Economy of this area, other project that are in the forefront are gravel crushing, Village maintenance,cemetery restoration and cleanup along with other project that keep the County running smoothly.

I have had the honor of sitting on numerous interesting board over the years, such as Community Futures Wild Rose for nine years as a Director, Vice Chair and Chair, Strathmore & Wheatland  County Hand-bus Association for eight years, two as Secretary/ Treasurer six years as Chair, Canadian Badland for six years, Director two years four years on the executive Board as Treasurer, Red Deer River watershed, Wheatland Regional Partnership, Three Fire Departments, Hussar Seed Plant , Calgary Reginal Partnership and other totaling  twenty or more. I volunteer in different Communities by sitting on the Gleichen & District Community Association for the past ten years and held the positions of President, Vice President, Director, and manager of the Hall renovation, the Strathmore Legion Veteran’s dinner, singing in two Choirs, while keeping up with my home, yard, gardens, and managing the farm in Manitoba.

What are we working on in the New Year? The Land Use Bylaw, upgrading the Municipal Development Plan, Economic Development Strategy and upgrading Area Structure Plans in order to comply with the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan.

Wheatland County has a bright, dynamic, innovative an ever changing future. We are in proximities to a thriving City with over a million people; the Government expects to have 1.3 million more people move into this area in the next decade. Wheatland County can expect to be the recipient of some of the families seeking homes, jobs, schools, plus starting a new life.  This to me is an exciting time to be a Councilor, to be planning the Economic future of Wheatland County as the best place to live, work and play.

I look forward to meeting and serving all the residents of Wheatland County and encourage you to call me or just drop in for a chat.

Councilor:  Alice Booth
Division 1

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