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Where there's room to grow...with funding for community programming. 

Community is so much more than a group of people living in the same area. It is, instead, a group of people sharing in social, recreational, and cultural activities and programs. Wheatland County recognizes the importance of building a sense of community, and understands the real need for sustainable funding to keep programs and facilities operating. Because of this, the Community Enhancement Fund was created.

If you'd like to be on the board, submit a letter of interest before October 7, 2019! 

Who makes up the board?

The Community Enhancement Regional Board (CERB) consists of two members from each Electoral Division, appointed by Wheatland County Council. Membership on the CERB is appointed for a two year term with alternating expiry dates. The Community Enhancement Regional Board meets three times every spring to evaluate applications and decide on the allocation of Community Enhancement Funding to Wheatland County community groups

What is the Community Enhancement Fund?

The Community Enhancement Fund provides grant funding from Wheatland County to enhance, promote, and support groups and organizations that bring a broad range of enjoyment, benefit, beautification, recreation, entertainment, participation, and enhancement projects to Wheatland County.  The program is intended to invest tax payer dollars annually to support recreational, cultural and other community activities, facilities, and resources that are utilized by Wheatland County residents.

Within the Community Enhancement Fund grant program, there are three categories:

  • Project-Based Grants that provide financial assistance for community organizations, for such things as, but not limited to, equipment purchases, beautification projects, facility construction or renovation projects, facility maintenance,  celebrations and community events, history books, programs or special funding requests within Wheatland County. More information here.
  • Operating Grants that provide financial assistance to registered non-profit organizations in Wheatland County to enhance the organization’s ability to operate and to deliver services to the community. More information here.
  • Library Base Grants provided to libraries used by Wheatland County residents based on formula approved by Wheatland County Council. More information here.

The Community Enhancement Fund grant program is governed by the terms outlined in the Wheatland County Community Enhancement Reserve Policy.


Eligible organizations must be registered under one of the following:

  • Societies Act
  • Agricultural Societies Act
  • Charities Registered under the Income Tax Act of Canada
  • Libraries Act (Project-Based Grants only)
  • Child and Family Service Authorities
  • Foundations established and regulated under the Regional Health Authorities Act
  • Canada Corporations Act (non-profit sector)
  • Cemeteries Act
  • Part 9 of the Companies Act
  • Part 21 of the Business Corporations Act - Extra-Provincial Corporations
  • Special Act of the Parliament of Canada
  • Special Act of the Alberta Legislature

Groups not eligible for Community Enhancement Funding include:

  • Municipalities
  • Churches and Other Religious Organizations
  • Political Organizations

Libraries are not eligible for operating funding as this is part of the Base Grant and is provided to the library by the County annually without application.


The Community Enhancement fund is intended to support recreational, cultural and other community activities, facilities, and resources that are utilized by Wheatland County residents.


Funding applications are considered on a regional basis, rather than on a divisional boundary or community basis.

Each application is considered on its own merit recognizing:

  • Community and regional needs
  • Projects that will have lasting value to the communities and residents
  • Creativity

Due to the volume of applications received and the limited funds, not all eligible projects receive funding and projects that are approved may receive less than their requested amounts.

Applicants that have overdue accounting from any previously approved Community Enhancement Fund projects will not be considered for new funding until their outstanding final reporting requirements have been satisfied.

Retroactive funding will not be considered.

Applications are due by January 31 each year. They will be reviewed between February 1 and March 31, and applicants will be informed of the decision after that time.

Steps in the application approval or decline process?

  • Applications must be submitted by January 31 deadline.
  • Applicants will receive confirmation of receipt of their applications from Wheatland County.
  • The Community Enhancement Regional Board reviews and recommends funding to Council, who then approves, refuses, or amends these recommendations.
  • When an application has been approved, Wheatland County will notify the grant recipient and a cheque will be provided to them.
  • When an application is declined, that applicant will be notified in writing. 

The Board’s recommendations for funding are at the discretion of the Board with no obligation on the part of the Board to provide reasons for its decision.


Project-Based and Operating Grants must be completed by December 31 of the grant year and final reporting received by Wheatland County by January 31.


If a project is not completed within the required time frame, the applicant may request an extension. All extension requests must be submitted by the applicant in writing to the Community Enhancement Regional Board c/o Wheatland County.  The request should include:

  • an explanation as to why the project could not be completed within the timeframe,
  • a description of what has been completed to date (to demonstrate that some progress has been made),
  • a description of what remains to be done and a reasonable timeline for doing it (including a proposed new project completion date).

Any decision on extension requests will be communicated in writing to the applicant by the Grant Writer/Coordinator at the Wheatland County Office.


If the actual costs are less than the approved budget, the applicant is required to refund unexpended funds to Wheatland County once the final amount is confirmed by Wheatland County staff. Unexpended funds amounting to $100.00 or less are not required to be refunded.

Confirmed unexpended funds are required to be paid to Wheatland County by February 28 of the year following the grant year.  Applicants who have outstanding unexpended fund payments are ineligible for future Community Enhancement Funding.

Applicants are not able to apply to the Board for a reallocation of unused funds.  All funds must be returned and the applicant must reapply for future funding.

Applicants must submit a financial report of actual costs by January 31st of the year following the funding year.  The financial report must be submitted and signed by an authorized representative having legal and/or financial signing authority for the organization.  The financial report must also be accompanied with the appropriate source documentation as outlined in the instructions.

Applicants also agree to provide access to all financial documents or records relative to all expenses and revenues related to the project.

Any applicant that does not comply with the reporting requirements will be ineligible to receive additional grant funding until acceptable reporting and accounting is provided.

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