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Municipal Development Plan


The Wheatland County Municipal Development Plan (MDP) was approved by Council in 2013 to provide the County with a vision for 30 years. Today, six years later, the County wants to ensure the vision, policies and objectives within the MDP are being met and remain relevant, through a comprehensive review and update.

The “MDP Review” process will include a significant public engagement process to provide multiple opportunities for County residents and stakeholders to participate and share their ideas.

Focus Areas

The County will be focusing the MDP update around the following key areas:

  • Servicing
  • Residential growth
  • Sustainability
  • Agriculture & environmentally sensitive areas
  • A portion of Wheatland County falls within the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB) area. This area will be included and addressed within the updated MDP. Learn more about the CMRB.

Project Timeline

MDP Timeline Graphic


Throughout the MDP update, the County wants to hear from as many residents, business owners and stakeholders as possible to make sure the new MDP reflects the ideas and desires of those it matters to and impacts the most.

We are currently in Phase 1: Setting the Stage, where we want to know how you would like to participate in the MDP Review process. Understanding how you want to be engaged will help us develop a public engagement process that is relevant, inclusive and accessible to all Wheatland County residents, businesses and stakeholders.


  • Complete a short ONLINE SURVEY
  • Call or text us at 1-403-879-2994

The feedback collected from this survey will help us plan our engagement efforts for Phase 2: Community Visioning in the new year.   


  • A Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is the primary vision for the County and addresses many topics including: land use planning and development, agricultural and environmental protection, and transportation. An MDP is required for all municipalities. The MDP sets the vision, sustainability principles, goals, and policies for the entire County. It guides and directs many of Council’s major decisions, particularly those that impact land and development. The County must consider all future plans and development applications in relation to their conformity to the policies and vision outlined within the MDP.

  • The 2013 MDP includes direction for the County to undergo a standard review every five (5) years to ensure that it remains current to the philosophy of Wheatland County. In addition, new provincial legislation and the inclusion of the County within the Calgary Metropolitan Regional Board requires the County to review and update the MDP.

  • In 2013 the County completed both a Regional Growth Management Strategy (RGMS) and an update to their MDP. The Regional Growth Management Strategy (RGMS) is similar to the MDP, but looks forward 40 years. The RGMS complements the MDP by looking more technically at how and where future growth and development can be accommodated within the County. The RGMS data helps inform the policies of the MDP.
  • Specifically, the RGMS explores growth, infrastructure, municipal services, economic, and environmental impacts. It examines where and how the County should grow, how growth will affect the natural environment, and what impact growth will have on infrastructure. Using this information, this document outlines how decisions regarding planning and development within Wheatland County should be made.

  • The Calgary Metropolitan Region Board was established in January 2018 and consists of 10 municipalities mandated to develop a long-term plan for a managed and sustainable growth. A portion of Wheatland County falls under the CMRB (click to view) and will be addressed within the updated MDP. Statutory plans and major developments within the CMRB area must be approved by the CMRB. Outside of the CMRB area, approvals rest with the County only.

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