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Water Efficiency Rebate

Wheatland County’s Water Efficiency Rebate Program provides a rebate to residential homeowners who replace existing fixtures with water efficient models! This change will not only qualify you for a rebate, but will lower your yearly utilities costs—a win-win!

Note: This applies to Wheatland County residents ONLY (Town of Strathmore residents do not qualify for this program)

Eligible fixtures include:

Certified high efficiency low flow toilets, certified low flow faucets & shower heads, Energy Star certified cloths washing machine. 

How to Qualify:

  • The Water Efficiency Rebate Program applies only to residential installations.
  • Submitting an application does not guarantee a rebate, each application will be evaluated and processed on a first-come, first-serve basis, while funds are available.
  • Fixtures may be installed by the resident or by a licensed plumber.
  • This rebate offer may be withdrawn at any time without notice.
  • Maximum of $60 per fixture, maximum of $180/household (3 fixtures).
  • Eligible fixtures covered by the program include: certified high efficiency low flow toilets, certified low flow faucets and showerheads, Energy Star certified clothes washing machine.

Can I receive a rebate for a fixture that I replaced several years ago?

Applications must be submitted within 6 months of purchase. 

Does anyone check the fixture installation?

Wheatland County reserves the right to arrange an inspection of your newly installed fixture. 

Can I use high efficiency fixtures if I have a septic system?

Check with your local waste water specialist, or contact the Alberta Onsite Wastewater Management Association (www.aowma.com).

Online Water Rebate Application

Click here to submit your Water Rebate Application online

Mail in Application Process:

  • Take a photograph of the old fixture in place (for each new fixture)
  • Purchase and install a new certified fixture
  • Take a photograph of the newly installed fixture in place (for each new fixture)
  • Submit your completed application form, including photos, and sales receipt copy to: Wheatland County Hwy 1, R.R.1 Strathmore, AB T1P 1J6
  • If approved, a rebate credit will be applied to your utility bill, or a cheque will be sent to you if you do not have municipal water services

For more information on the Water Efficiency Rebate Program, contact: 403-934-3321.

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