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Get a Development Permit

Are you planning on developing on your Wheatland County property? Depending on your exact plans, you may need to apply for a development permit. There are different development permits, based on what type of property you are developing. If you have a residential or farm property, for example, you would fill out a Minor Development Permit application, regardless of the activity (except signs or secondary use business).  

Which one best describes your situation?

Major Development Permit

A Major Development Permit pertains to major agricultural, industrial, commercial, and institutional development projects.

Minor Development Permit

A Minor Development Permit pertains to residential and farm development projects.


Advertising, identification and directional signs located within Wheatland County may require a development permit. Refer to the Land Use Bylaw below for more information. Signs located on a provincially controlled highway need to receive approval by Alberta Transportation. Contact Alberta Transportation for a sign application form.

Development Adjacent to Provincial Highways or Canals

For development permit applications within 800 metres (half a mile) of a provincially controlled highway (secondary or primary), you must contact the Alberta Transportation for a roadside development permit. Development permit applications adjacent to a canal require prior approval from the Western Irrigation District (WID).

Stripping and Grading

Stripping and grading involves moving and/or stockpiling soil. All stripping and grading activities require a permit.

Note: For some development permits, Alberta Transportantion, Alberta Environment, or other provincial bodies will need to be consulted.  

Before submitting an aplication for a development permit, come in to see us. We can help you decide which application to use, and we can walk you through the process, to save you time. We are happy to help! Book a pre-ap meeting here.


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