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Our Peace Officers offer many fantastic programs, have a look!

Bike Rodeos

A bicycle rodeo is a unique, hands-on, educational event in which participants learn about cycling techniques, obeying traffic signals, and the laws of road use. It is a great way for kids to learn how to ride safely and improve cycling skills. It also helps caregivers to feel confident with their child's bicycle use.

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Play Safe

We aim to teach kids that they can safely play in their schoolyards, playgrounds, and streets in their neighbourhoods, as long as they do so smartly. We identify safe and unsafe strangers, and strategies for kids to exercise when encountering people who are unknown to them.


Scams Awareness

Most victims who become the targets of fraud scams are considered to be in the naïve segments of the population. Unfortunately, elderly individuals are the most frequent targets of fraud scams. Fraudsters target the elderly, as they may be lonely, willing to listen and are more trusting than younger individuals. Many fraud schemes against the elderly are performed over the telephone, door-to-door or through advertisements.


Crime Prevention for the Elderly

When the crimes do occur to the elderly, the consequences are often more severe for those at an advanced age. Many seniors live on a fixed income, so the loss of money or property is difficult to replace. Also as people get older their bodies take longer to recover from injury, so an attack on a senior generally has a much more serious outcome than a similar attack would on a younger counterpart. As such, steps should be taken to reduce the chance that you could become a victim of crime.

Issues of Elderly Drivers

Are you concerned about your age affecting your ability to drive? Do you know of an aging driver who is at risk of age related safety issues surrounding the operation of a motor vehicle? As our population ages, there are more drivers who have an increased safety risk due to age related issues. We will explore in a respectful manner and with concern for the reality of the independence factors in driving for our elders. We explore the physiological changes that may impair the ability to effectively and safely manage a vehicle, and discover local resources to assist in the evaluation of driving ability so as to be assured of driver ability or resources that will help address the difficult decision to finally hang up the keys.

Substance Abuse

According to the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse, the power of prevention to meet the needs of a community can be realized. Effective prevention means working collaboratively across sectors and settings, recognizing that positive youth outcomes are most likely when prevention efforts are integrated and sustained. All substance abuse presentations will be provided in conjunction with the Strathmore Wheatland Addictions Team (SWAT).

Rural Crime Prevention

Wheatland County is committed to reducing crime in our community by working with community partners to develop comprehensive strategies to address education, prevention, early intervention, treatment and enforcement. These strategies are applied progressively along a continuum with the ultimate goal of keeping our ratepayers and visitors safe from victimization.

Internet Safety

While the Internet can be an incredible social and educational tool, children’s online safety depends on parents/guardians taking a proactive approach to help protect their children from online sexual exploitation. As children grow and the Internet evolves, the activities children undertake online change as well. Wheatland County Protective Services provides a short presentation to assist youth understand the threats related to online behaviour, and to inform parents of the available tools to help protect their children while online.

If you'd like them to visit your school, workplace, or community event, give them a call at 403-361-2026 or send them an email.


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