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Cannabis Retail Stores in Wheatland County

Recreational use of cannabis became legal on October 17, 2018. Cannabis legalization is a federal government initiative through Health Canada, with specific provincial government rules through the Alberta Liquor and Gaming Commission. Wheatland County is responsible for setting policy that regulates retail locations, retail rules, and land use and zoning through the Land Use Bylaw, within the provincial and federal guidelines.

The County introduced the following amendments to the Land Use Bylaw to accommodate the legalization of cannabis. These amendments were adopted on April 2, 2019:

  • Medical Marihuana Production Facilities amendments
    • Amended definitions to include Cannabis.
    • Included medical and recreational cannabis.
    • Added new regulations to mitigate the impact of these developments on adjacent properties.

Wheatland County issued a survey to seek your input regarding how Cannabis Retail Stores should be regulated within your communities. The following proposed amendments are subject to your feedback:

  • Introduce Cannabis Retail as a use within the Land Use Bylaw.
  • Include new definitions.
  • Add new regulations for allowing Cannabis Retail Stores within existing Land Use Districts such as Hamlet Commercial, Hamlet Mixed Use, or Commercial Highway.

Stay tuned for a summary of what we heard!

Proposed Locations for Cannabis Retail Store

The County is proposing to allow Cannabis Retail Stores as a use within existing Land Use Districts in the following hamlets:

The proposed use will include regulations for setbacks from other uses (i.e. schools, playgrounds, etc.) to mitigate impacts on adjacent properties.


It is also the County’s responsibility to enforce public consumption of Cannabis. Cannabis use is regulated by the Province’s Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act and tobacco smoking is regulated by the Province’s Tobacco and Smoking Reduction Act. At this time, Wheatland County Peace Officers can enforce cannabis consumption under these two acts - which include the following regulations:

  • Cannabis use is not allowed in a vehicle unless the vehicle is being used as a temporary residence.
  • Smoking is not allowed in enclosed public places, workplaces, in vehicles with minors, in public vehicles, or within a prescribed distance from a building.
  • In addition to the locations where smoking is prohibited, smoking and vaping cannabis is prohibited on any hospital property, school property, or child care facility property and within a prescribed distance from a playground, sports or playing field, skateboard or bicycle park, a zoo, an outdoor theatre, or an outdoor splash pad.

If you have further questions, you can send an email to the Planning and Development department.

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